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Pet grooming gloves for dog and cat (1 pair)

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Pet grooming gloves for dog and cat (1 pair)

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Pet groomimng glove


Complete set of gloves that collect hair, dust or other unwanted things from your pets fur. Thanks to the smart silicone bristles, you can easily get everything out of the fur while giving your dog or cat a comfortable massage.

✓ Gentle silicone bristles
✓ Complete pair of gloves (2 gloves)
✓ Clean fur in no time

Now you do not have to do cumbersome and unwanted washing in the shower with your dog or cat, with a few simple brush strokes with the gloves, the fur is clean again!

The package comes with a left and right glove that can be easily cleaned. The gloves are in unisex size that can be adjusted with Velcro at the wrist. Do as thousands have already done and get a home free of unwanted animal hair while giving your pets a clean and nice fur!