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Stilren Koppartejp mot sniglar

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Stilren Koppartejp mot sniglar

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Get rid of the killer snails with copper tape


Durable 25 meter copper tape that prevents snails from creeping up in your pots and crops in an environmentally friendly way. The copper tape creates a static electricity which prevents the snails from passing.

The length covers about 6 pallet collars or 25 pots. Unlike a simple copper tape, this has a generous width of about 30 mm which prevents the snails from taking over.

Keeps the killer snails away
25 meters long and about 30 mm wide


Easy to assemble, self-adhesive - tape. Also environmentally friendly since you do not use any toxins. 


If only the copper is kept clean from dirt and dust, the effect lasts for several seasons. Thanks to the length of 25 meters you have enough copper tape to protect a large number of flower boxes and pots in the garden against unwanted intruders.