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Mini-sytytin avainnipullesi

Miniature lighters that you attach to your Keychain.

Now you can buy the world's smallest lighters that you can take anywhere.


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16 €/kpl

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Mini-sytytin avainnipullesi

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Now you always have your lighter with you!

One of the world's smallest lighters is finally here. It weighs only 30g and you simply attach it to your keychain. The lighter is made of durable metal and is waterproof. You can easily fill the lighter with liquid for lighters (not included), then just start firing.


  Only 30 g
  Easily attached to your keychain
  Very small 1.3 x 2.5 cm


Now you can finally take the lighter with you everywhere, it is smaller than your little finger and therefore can fit almost everywhere, like on your keychain or directly in your pocket or wallet.