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Moon 3D Wall Stickers

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Smartwatch (Ultra) - Rubber - FI

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Smartwatch (Ultra) - Rubber - FI

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Fully equipped smartwatch

This popular and stylish smart watch has an incredibly comfortable fit while offering all imaginable features. With measurement numbers such as step counts, calorie counters, distance meters and heart rate you can track all kinds of activity and exercise!

✓ Pedometer, calorie burning and sleep gauges
✓ Sync with mobile - View messages / calls
✓ Comfortable & customizable rubber bracelet
✓ Unisex-model

This fully equipped smart watch can easily be paired with your phone (both iPhone and Android) to view messages, health information or to make calls.


The watch also has a built-in sleep monitor that measures your sleep to be able to customize the mobile phone's alarm clock. The built-in battery is easily charged via the supplied USB cable.