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Toothbrush heads compatible with Oral-B (8-pack)

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Toothbrush heads compatible with Oral-B (8-pack)

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Toothbrush heads compatible with Oral-b


Very gentle on teeth and gums and carefully packaged in hygienically sealed packaging. Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush head at least every two months, so this 12-pack will provide you with enough brushes for the next year. The toothbrush heads have different colored details so you know which brush is yours.

✓ A total of 12 pairs of toothbrush heads
✓ Gentle on teeth and gums
✓ Fits all electric Oral-B toothbrushes


The following models are compatible:

Oral B Vitality Precision Clean, White Clean, Sensitive Clean. Oral B Professional Care 5000/6000/7000 / 8000. Oral B Triumph Professional Care 9000 series Oral B Advance Power 400/900 Oral B Dual Clean Oral B Flexisoft Compatible product like the original.