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Friluftsbyxor - Slitstarka och vattenavvisande




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Functional leisure pants designed for all types of outdoor activity from Beyond Active!

The main strength of the trousers is its multifunctionality. They are just as good for gardening, mushroom picking and forest walks as for sailing or hiking. Water-repellent with several practical features such as curved and reinforced knees and several practical pockets with zipper closure as distinct from cheaper models. Suitable for both men and women.

✓ Water resistant
✓ Reinforced leg areas
✓ Belt included
✓ Several large pockets with zippers
✓ Convenient line material


Small: Fits you with a length of about 145-160 cm
Medium: Fits you with a length of about 160-170 cm
Large: Fits you with a length of about 171-182 cm
Extra large: Fits you with a length of about 182-196 cm

- Softshell 3 layers that breathe
- 4-way stretch
- Fit: Normal waist, tight fit
- Separate belt included

3-layer soft shell pants in a 4-way stretch quality. The pants can be adjusted to find the best fit for you. A free-standing belt is included that can be used to tighten. Superb soft and comfortable and a great fit!

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Friluftsbyxor - Slitstarka och vattenavvisande
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