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Moon 3D Wall Stickers

Moon 3D Wall Stickers

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LED-light for TV

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Make-up mirror with LED-lights

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Make-up mirror with LED-lights

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Modern and practical makeup mirror that is perfect for makeup, hair removal or hair styling. The mirror can be rotated 180 degrees, the mirror also has 22 led lights to help you get the perfect makeup.

 Turns 180 degrees
 22 LED lights
 Get the perfect makeup
 Extra magnifying mirror included

The LED lights help you add the perfect make-up and the extra mirror with 10x magnification is perfect for hair removal or shaving.

The mirror can be adjusted to 180 degrees which makes it easy to find the perfect setting when you apply your make-up or
fix your hair.

1x LED mirror
1x tripod
1x Magnifying mirror
Battery: 4x AA (not included)