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Moon 3D Wall Stickers

Moon 3D Wall Stickers

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TrendiLED-light for TV

LED-light for TV

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Insect and pest repellent

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Insect and pest repellent

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Reject insects and pests

With this super easy insect repellent you keep your home safe from unwanted insects! Just plug in the appliances in the wall outlet so a harmless ultrasound starts to transmit.

The technology is completely harmless for both pets and people. The signal covers an area of about 60 m2.

✓ Super easy to use
✓ Keep insects and pests away
✓ Harmless to people and pets

Perfect for the home, office, caravan or summer house! Particularly popular during hot summers when insects like mosquitoes and spiders are all over the place! Choose between black or white device.