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Planting Bag - Kannettava viljelylaatikko

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Planting Bag - Kannettava viljelylaatikko

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Growing bags for balcony & garden


Now you can grow everything from potatoes to peppers and carrots on the balcony, the patio or the garden! Made from an environmentally friendly PE material with heat-regulating function and air holes in the bottom, your crops get the maximum conditions for being able to grow. With a window shutter in the middle of the bag you will also easily access your locally grown potatoes and vegetables!

 Cultivate potatoes, peppers, carrots etc.
 Drainage holes for better growth
 Double carrying handles
 Window shutter for access to crops

The best thing about these growing boxes is that everyone gets the same opportunity to be able to grow, no matter how you live! Bring in the caravan, place on the patio at the shore or at home in the villa or best of all; put on the balcony outside your  apartment! With a little flower soil and any crop you can soon enjoy fresh potatoes and vegetables from your own little farmyard.

Unlike ordinary pots, your plantation will have much better potential to grow big in a relatively short time with the material and design of the cultivation bag. The draining holes underneath create the right circulation and thorugh the door in the middle of the bag you get easy access to the crops.