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Moon 3D Wall Stickers

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LED-light for TV

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Active Backpack

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Active Backpack

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Multifunctional backpack for all occasions

A multifunctional backpack that fits just as well for carrying a laptop or tablet for everyday life as for carrying a towel and a water bottle for adventures in the woods!

The outer material is made of reinforced polyester which makes the bag extra durable and shock resistant.

This bag is equipped with leather buckles, zipper closure and padded inner compartment for safe storage of laptop. The backpack is in a unisex model and you can easily adjust the shoulder straps based on your height and body shape for comfortable and ergonomic wear.

Capacity: 25-30 liter
Material: Polyester, bomull
Measurement: 40x29x12 cm
Colors: black, grey, pink, dark blue
Laptop compartment: Up to 15"