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Dust and hair removal brush with cleaning stand

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Dust and hair removal brush with cleaning stand

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Brush for hair and dust removal


Tired of hair, feather and dust on clothes and furniture? With the help of thousands of microbrushes, you can easily remove everything from human hair to dust or fluff from the sofa, bed or clothes. The brush part is double-sided and is easily cleaned in the practical stand with which you pull off the dirt from the brush in a few swipes. The container opens easily for emptying dirt.

Stylish and discreet design that you can store in front of the entrance to be able to brush, for example, jackets, coats.

 Easy cleaning of clothes & furniture
✓ Reusable - Never need to change reel
✓ Easy emptying of dust & dirt into containers


Unlike disposable brushes, this brush can be used year after year! After you have scraped away the hair in the storage rack, the brush head is virtually as new . You can also easily dip the brush in water once a year to get it really clean.