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Saumaton rintaliivit - Elite (3 kpl)

Mukava muotoiltu pehmeä materiaali rintaliivit

Mukavat rintaliivit, jotka sopivat yhtä hyvin harjoitteluun kuin nukkumiseen. Mukana kolme eri väriä; musta, beige ja valkoinen.


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Saumaton rintaliivit - Elite (3 kpl)

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Seamless bra that is padded and strapless with comfortable elastic under the bust. The bra shapes and provides good support for the bust and can also be used as a sports bra.

You will never have to adjust your bra again to get the right fit because Seamless Bra suits YOU, rather than the other way around.

Affordable 3-pack - A total of 3 bras in black, beige and pink!


 Seamless and with no shoulder straps falling down
 Fits just as well in everyday life as during training
 Choose from 3 colors


The seamless bra also has removable padding in the cups and comes in 3 different colors.