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Kortinhaltija 24 kortille

Functional card holder that actually has room for all your payment cards, membership cards and ID! Robust leather covers that easily go into your pocket while you at the same time will have access to your cards easily.


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Card holder in leather - Herr & Dam


Finally a card holder that can make you stop the wallet for good, because here is plenty of room! With room for a total of 24 cards, you should bring down all your membership cards, credit / debit cards and ID. 

You can easily scroll between the 12 trays equipped with card storage on each side. So you get a super-simple overview of all your cards, while they are securely attached to each compartment.

 Place for 24 cards
 Just 10 cm high
 Comfortable leather jacket


Wallet in leather


The card holder has a qualitative leather case that makes it comfortable to have in your pocket and does not hurt anything if it is put in the handbag. With a weight of just 50 grams and height of about 10 cm you do not have to worry about it taking too much space, while you have the opportunity to always bring all your cards!

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Kortinhaltija 24 kortille

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