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Langattomat kuulokkeet - Beyond Pro


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Langattomat kuulokkeet - Beyond Pro

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Bluetooth In-Ear headphones of really high quality with design inspired by Apple Airpods! The headphones fits comfortably in the ear, delivering a surprisingly high sound quality and the best possible feeling from everything to walking to working out in a wireless environment.

 Fits all Smartphones with Bluetooh
✓ Wireless up to 10 meters

The cordless headphones are fully compatible with all smartphones with Bluetooth, they have an built-in microphone for conversation and can easily be connected to Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and all other Android phones.

You do not have to spend over a hundred euro to get a In-Ear headphone with really good sound and perfect fit.

With an active play time of about 4-5 hours, you don't need to be afraid that the battery in your headphones will expire. 
The charging time is only 1-2 hours until the battery is fully charged in the case, where the headphones are also safely stored when not in use.