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Keep the sink and floor clean from hair

A practical apron that you hang around your neck and attach with a suction cup to the mirror or tile that effectively catches the hair residue.


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Tired of the beard from you or your partner after a shave? Hair strands that lie in the bathroom mat, along the washbasins or across the floor. Now it's just a memory with this smart straight apron! Works as well in the bathroom as in the boat, summer cottage or wherever you want to do the shaving!

 Catch all the hairs after shaving
 Attach with suction plug to sink, tile or mirror
 Use for all types of shaving (face or leg)

Shaving apron

Using the apron is super easy, just attach the apron over your neck and snap the suction plugs in front of you. The apron folds under the chin and 1.5 meters forward to catch all the hairs that fall both forward and sideways. Choose from either white or black!