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Treenaushousut joustavilla vyötärönauhoilla

Leggings for any type of workout, Yoga, powerwalks, you name it, the leggings will work perfectly


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Treenaushousut joustavilla vyötärönauhoilla

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High waist leggings


Leggings for all types of workout! High waist, reinforced by elastic, which contributes to an incredibly comfortable fit and a stylish silhouette. Powerwalks, jogging and high-intensity workouts are just a few activities where these tights fit. Choose between gray or black and many different sizes!

 Elasticated waistband - Slimming effect
✓ Comfortable model with a good fit
✓ Breathable material


These tights are designed to be as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing! They both slim and give a nice shape at the waist, thighs and back.