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Get a better posture and counter back pain

Pain in the back, neck and joints are common ailments that hit you with sedentary work or poor posture. Stretch on you with a double-acting backrest that both provides support and has a pain-relieving effect.

 Provides stabilized back and improved posture
 Adjustable one-size size
 Ergonomic and comfortable design


The backrest allows you to automatically get a correct and straight posture with the spine in the correct position and retracted shoulders, which helps you avoid back problems.

The backrest is made of a comfortable stretch material that is comfortable to wear and is not visible under the clothes. Button with Velcro for precise fit. Ideal for use during clothing both at work and at leisure, for example during training. Hand washing is recommended.

- Relieves pain and provides support for shoulders and back
- Comfortable stretch material
- Not visible under the clothes
- Suitable for both women and men
- Onesize (customizable)

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